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Reaching for the Stars

It is the end of the Fourteenth day. We are preparing to head back home. We spent Monday and Tuesday going in and around Jerusalem. Today we went to a tourist site, The Herodium. The remainder of the day was spent going to places that carry a lot of meaning and touch our hearts.

We visited a home called the Tent of Nations. This family has been trying to prove ownership of land that has been in their family for over 100 years. It is a prime site for another Settlement. The family is not interested in selling.

We went to the Culture Center set just inside one of the Bethlehem Refugee Camps. Yes, there are still refugee camps in Bethlehem. They have been there in 1946.

These last couple of places are not exactly morale boosters. Our last stop was just the opposite. We visited one of my favorite places in the worship, Baraka Nursery. This is a place for children five months old through Five years old. They take great care of the children, and the entire staff has a heart for God. We arrived way later than I wanted to get there, but we still got there. Most of the children were gone. We still got to visit with the staff and present them with gifts. We heard their story. We listened to how the pandemic affected their work. We heard a familiar story of struggling to keep the doors open even now. It was a joy to visit with good friends. It was an honor to introduce them to the VIM team. 

Time is drawing close, and I need to get ready for the airport.  I wanted to put in some kind of entry just to inform you, the reader, of what is going on. I have updated the pictures pages to cover every day. So, you get a little insight be viewing the pictures.  I will be separating out Days Twelve, Thirteen and Fourteen. I will give you more details of the days and more of my own personal reflection. I will also be creating a closing summary page. This will most likely not happen until after June 17. I will try to get them done very soon.

I thank you for being on this journey with me. After I get home, I will be able to give you some details that I omitted up to now because I felt like we should not publicize some information until after everyone got safely home. Once I am free to do that, I think some of this will make a little more sense. So, check back if you want to know more.  I really appreciate the comments and messages you have sent me. Again, thank for being a part of this journey. God's rich blessings be with us all. Amen.